A New Kind of Memecoin.

280% APY. 8%
Referral Reward.
8% Unstake Tax.

Treasury Backed DeFi Protocol

The premier memecoin experience on solana


Executive Officer Prime

Lunar Base, The Moon

Frontend Design

Osaka, Japan

Juan Valdez
Rust Development Specialist

Bogota, Colombia

First Contact Specialist

Roswell, New Mexico


The rapid handle injects into the bashful lift.


April 8th - 20th


Pump.fun Presale

Funding Our Tokenomics

1B Supply Total Available Supply

Staking Rewards 280% APY Staking Rewards Supported by 8% stake / unstake tax

100% LOCKED Pool With Seed Liquidity Coming From Pump.Fun Sale

100% Organic Token Distribution


May - June

Bonding Curve Launchpad

We are going to offer a bonding curve launchpad that offers lower barrier to entry for curve size for those who have staked $UFO tokens. E.g. default to fill & launch on raydium is $50k, with 5M $UFO staked (example) it may only require 40K to fill your launch curves to raydium by using protocol owned DAO liquidity to fill the outlying 10k



Treasury Management Vote

DAO Consensus For Launchpad will happen to allow for democratic tweaks and adjustments to the model based off of the previous experiences and findings about the optimal model for the community.


- 1 BILLION Token Supply

- 280% APY Staking Rewards Replenished by 8% Stake / Unstake Tax

- 100% LOCKED Pump.fun Seed Pool

- 100% ORGANIC Token Distribution

- 8% REWARD for each referral

- Deflationary memecoin with sustainable staking

- Bonding curve token launchpad that allows stakers to utilize DAO treasury to lower their liquidity curve (Q2-3)

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